Poor little Inky

We have two cats, Bib and Inky. Both are black, but Bib, the mother, has a white bib under her chin. Last week Inky came home with her face all swollen. I only just had time to get her to the vet before they shut at 8pm, so the vet said to leave her overnight. It was an abscess almost as big as a golf ball and she’d need a…

November 15, 2006


November 12, 2006

One of my friends goes hunting wild mushrooms every Sunday, and today I went with her. We were in a group of about twenty people, all spread out over the hillside in the pine forest. I was hoping to find nacidas – the only wild fungus I can reliably recognise on the island, because they look like little new potatoes poking out of the ground. Well I did find nacidas….