A conference in Saudi Arabia

February 5, 2015

OK, so what do you think a conference on “Women in Society” in Saudi Arabia looks like? I was guessing that it looked like laundry bags (and sounded very interesting). My son guessed that it would be an empty room. Nope. It’s all men.


Working on the website

I have too many blogs. There’s this one, and the one about La Palma, and one about astronomy and one about El Hierro. Plus there’s my main site (or at least it used to be my main site, but it’s very eglected and old-fashioned.) And my bookshop. All this takes up far too much of my time and interferes with writing. So I’m combining them. Stage 1: Move lapalma-island.com to…

February 4, 2015


Persimmon tree in Las Nieves, Santa Cruz., La Palma
February 2, 2015

The persimmons are ripe. On La Palma, persimmons are called Kaki or Sharon, and I believe the tree comes from Asia originally. They’re much nicer when really ripe. The catch is that by the time they’re ready for eating, they’ve gone squishy, so they don’t travel well. Personally, I love them with Greek yoghurt.