Off on holiday

Writing on my smartphone
Writing on my smartphone

This afternoon I’m flying off to Berlin with fellow students from my German class. I’ve scheduled a Squee Sunday for while I’m away, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to create new posts post with my phone.

Surprisingly (to me, anyway) I’ve found that I can write fiction on my smartphone. I use the Evernote App which means that I can access the files from a computer afterwards. The predictive options are pretty good, so it’s not as slow as I expected, and my subconscious seems to really like it. Maybe it’s because I can’t possibly be doing serious work with a phone, right? I’m playing, obviously.

It only really works for first drafts, because editing with the phone is difficult. That’s a pity for the Berlin trip, because I really wanted to get on with editing the whodunnit and I doubt I’ll have suitcase space for a laptop, even Tiddles, my tiny, 12-year-old laptop which runs Open Office and not much else. But I can write first drafts of short stories if I get time. I’ve already done the first draft of one longish short story called “A Very Popular Corpse” like this. I had more continuity errors than usual (people changing surname) and several linking sections to write, but it went down well with my crit buddies. I’m currently ignoring it for a week before a final edit. Ignoring it is an essential part of the process. When I come back to it, I’ll see what I actually wrote instead of what I intended to write.

So, writing on the phone works. The real question is whether I’ll have the time and energy to write while I’m having fun and being educated.

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