Sunday photos: travelling home

October 13, 2019

On my last full day I went to an abandoned village – sorry, I’ve forgotten the name. People moved away to be nearer the road where there was electricity and mains water. it was all very atmospheric, but what really caught my eye were the wild cyclamens and the old bridge. As expected, I was sad to leave on Friday morning. The trip started off well enough – 8 am…



October 9, 2019

The third draft of my novel is going well. The Crooked House is a great place to write. I tried various spots: the little dining table, the bedroom and the terrace. Now I’ve settled on a writing desk in the lounge with the office chair. It’s comfy and well lit and near the kettle. Behind me, out of the photo, there’s a TV with DVDs etc., but I haven’t watched…