Tuesday 13th

You know how some Brits and Americans are superstitious about Friday 13th? Well in Spain, some people are superstitious about Tuesday 13th. So this is your chance for slightly cheaper flights.

January 13, 2015

Spain 1 – Germany 0

We’re a very happy place this Monday morning. For anyone who hasn’t heard, Spain won European Championship last night, for the first time in 44 years. From my window I can see four people at the bus stop opposite, waiting to go to work as usual. But today they have their arms around each other, jumping up and down with the people at the end punching the air, chanting, “¡España!…

June 30, 2008


As most people know, the local currency is Euros, just like the rest of Spain and most of Europe. Here’s a jigsaw of 200 euros. Just click on it to play.

February 2, 2008