Guest post by my friend Hank Quense: Creating Stories

April 18, 2017

Recently I’ve been reading “Creating Stories” by my friend Hank Quense. It covers slightly different, more advanced ground than -“From Story -idea to Reader. I think they’re both excellent books. Take it away, Hank!   My recently published Creating Stories has everything I’ve leaned about writing stories over the last twenty years. Below is an extract on plotting. Learn more at Amazon. From Chapter 6: Constructing a plot A plot…


On holiday

I’ve escaped for 10 days before the summer guiding rush. On Sunday morning I flew to Tenerife and spent a pleasant afternoon and evening, mostly in the hotel room. I took a nap and caught up with email. For lunch, we found a nearby Irish bar called Grandee O’Donnell that was serving Sunday roasts. It was damn good! So we went back for dinner (also good) and a little karaoke….

June 21, 2016

Starting writing again

August was so busy that I had to stop writing, and then I had to catch up with housework (at least sorta kinda catch up) before my son’s birthday party. But now most of the really urgent stuff has been done, and I can start work on the novel again. And in a burst of unusually nice timing, I have some information I can use. I realised a while ago…

September 6, 2015

Hank Quense’s Kickstarter

I’ve enjoyed the pardoy novels of my friend, Hank Quense, for years. Now he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish his next novel, Moxie’s Decision. Why? Hank says he has two reasons: because the world needs more parody stories and books are expensive to publish. (I can relate to both! I want to see how this goes too.) The Kickstarter Campaign will run from May 1 to…

May 2, 2015