Astronomical viewpoint at La Muralla

La Muralla viewpoint in Tijarafe has a display panel about the moon.,
January 22, 2012

  The astronomical viewpoint in Tijarafe is now open. It’s easy to find, right beside the main road (the LP1) at km 83, which is about 2 km north of the main village of Tijarafe, right beside a restaurant with a good reputation. It’s not the darkest viewpoint, but it must have a terrific view of the sunset. Each astronomical viewpoint on La Palma has information panels, and those at…


Mercury at maximum elongation

Nasa image of the planet Mercury
July 19, 2011

Mercury is the planet nearest to the sun. In fact, it’s so close that it whizzes around its orbit in just under 88 days. Because it’s closer to the sun than we are, we always see it close to the sun in the sky, making it difficult to observe. But tonight (Tuesday 19th July) it will be at its maximum distance, 27º away. Look for a small star in the…