Astronomical viewpoint at La Muralla

La Muralla viewpoint in Tijarafe has a display panel about the moon.,
La Muralla viewpoint has a display panel about the moon.

The astronomical viewpoint in Tijarafe is now open. It’s easy to find, right beside the main road (the LP1) at km 83, which is about 2 km north of the main village of Tijarafe, right beside a restaurant with a good reputation. It’s not the darkest viewpoint, but it must have a terrific view of the sunset.

Each astronomical viewpoint on La Palma has information panels, and those at La Muralla specialise in the moon, including a little about its place in the mythology of the Awara, the pre-Hispanic inhabitants of La Palma.  It also has the usual signpost to the Pole Star.

The restaurant is closed on Mondays, and opens from 1 pm – 10pm, although the kitchen is shut from 5-7pm Tel: 660322305

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