Squee Sunday: chicks

February 5, 2017

Spring isn-t far away in the Canary Islands Incidently, it was a bit harder than usual to find these pictures. What do you think happens when you Google “cute chicks”? So then I tried “chicks and hens”, and got what I wanted, plus a lot of photos like this: It’s a plant called chicks and hens, which is in the Crassulaceae family, like the aeoniums. (There are lots of aeoniums…


The ravens are back

October 5, 2016

I saw very little of the ravens over the summer. I think they were so many tourists with tasty food that they didn’t need me, thank you so very much. Now that it’s getting colder there are fewer ham sandwiches and almond biscuits to be had. Yesterday, my bag of cat food was back in demand. First they ate from my hands, as usual, and flew off. Then one came…


Thirsty Ravens

Raven drinking water from a bottle top with the telescopes of the Roque de Los Muchachos behind
September 9, 2015

After tour guiding yesterday I went up to the Roque hoping for a chat with the ravens. They turned up all right, but they didn’t seem as interested as usual in the biscuits on offer. It turned out that they were really thirsty. I was rather surprised, because birds have such good kidneys that they need very little water. In any case, there’s a water tap with a little pool…