I haven’t posted for a while. I didn’t feel like posting a Squee Sunday right after the Manchester attack, although there are good arguments for carrying on as normal. I’m impressed by the way most of Manchester is refusing to blame innocent people, which probably annoys ISIS no end. They’ve said repeatedly that they want to make life impossible for any Muslim who doesn’t join them, and the alt right seem determined to help ISIS to do it.

I spent much of Sunday sorting out the balcony ready for the summer, with help from my husband and my friend. Now it’s a nice place to sit again.

I’ve been doing a lot of revising, because on Monday afternoon I had a long exam to get my certification in Basic German, from 4 pm to 7:30 pm. I’m still waiting for the results.

And then I had to get things ready for my visitors from England, who arrived yesterday. The trouble is that nobody’s stayed in our guest room for about 5 years. That’s 5 years of storing things “temporarily” in there, so it needed quite a bit of work.

I might not be posting much for the next two weeks while my visitors are here. For one thing,  hope to make time for more fun than usual. Part of that fun was setting up my telescope on the balcony to look at the moon, Saturn and Jupiter.

10 cm telescope on a tripod with two people
My little telescope on the balcony

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