A Chameleon in San José

Chameleon on a man's shoulder
Chameleon in San Jose

Man with a chameleon on his shoulder
Taking his pet to the village kiosk

I always thought that the only chameleon on La Palma was the fountain at La Glorieta, but one turned up at San José kiosk yesterday, together with his/her human. I think it’s the first time I’ve had a good look at a chameleon that wasn’t behind glass. I confess that I’m rather pleased with the photo. It’s really sharp on the chameleon’s eye and s/he doesn’t half look snooty.

Posted by sheila

Sheila came to La Palma with a six month contract and has stayed 24 years so far. She used to work as a software engineer at the observatory, but now she's a writer and Starlight guide.

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