Sunday Photos: Chai Latte again

Me and Chai Latte starting the day together

I think I might have mentioned our cat here on the blog once or twice. We start most days with a snuggle and this improves the quality of my life enormously.

We almost lost her last night. My husband came back from the village bar and found her crying and unable to use her back legs at all. We thought she’d been hit by a car and had a broken back. Obviously she needed a vet, but it was after midnight.

I googled for an emergency vet, but the nearest I could find was Los Llanos, (a 50 minutes drive), and they didn’t answer the phone anyway. In desperation we went to hammer on the door of her usual vet. They had a 24 hour phone number outside, and bless them! they opened up for us. A couple of X-rays later, there was no sign of broken bones, but her intestines appeared to be completely out of place. It looked like something had torn the abdominal muscles that hold everything in place. It was also impossible to see whether she had a fractured pelvis without giving a total anaesthetic. Bottom line: emergency operation. We stroked her and talked nicely to her while she had her pre-med then came home and bit our nails.

At 2:30 am the vet phoned to say that Chai couldn’t take the anaesthetic on top of the earlier painkillers and it would have to wait until morning, but she seemed stable.

We really didn’t sleep well.

But she’s had her operation now. No broken bones, and everything is back were it should be. We can visit the patient tomorrow.

She’s not completely home free because there’s still a risk of infection, but it’s looking much, much better than it did at 2:30 am.

After that it really doesn’t seem important that the editing is up to chapter 80.

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