Sunday photos: Rivendell

I’m taking a couple days out at Rivendell, and the place is working its usual magic. I swear time flows differently here. Words certainly do. Logically, part of it must be getting away from my usual domestic routine. Still, lately it’s been an effort to produce 200 words a day, but in half a day yesterday I managed 850 words.

This week’s writing news is mostly that I’ve started writing on If you don’t know Medium, it’s an article site. Thousands or articles about all kinds of everything. Some of them are free, and some behind a paywall. To get the really good stuff, you have to besome a paying member: $5 per month or $50/year and you have access to everything.

I’m at the stage of throwing lots of stuff at the wall and seeing what, if anything, sticks. I’m planning to add articles about photography, and one on how to make a composting toilet.
You can read these articles for free via these links for as long as I keep these links up (probably only a week or so)
Please spread far and wide!


One of the great joys of staying here is the animals. There are 5 cats, 3 dogs, 3 guinea pigs and 26 chickens (which means really fresh, organic eggs). Lucky is an old dog now, but he still stands on his hind legs and raises a front paw in a blessing. The views out over the Caldera are amazing too.

My favourite balcony at Rivendell

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