A Canarian Snowman

A foot-high snowman
My huge snowman

I slept badly on Wednesday night, so I wasn’t in the mood for a long excursion on Thursday, but I really enjoyed it. As we ate our picnic lunch we could see the snow on the peaks.

There's snow up at the top.
There’s snow up at the top.

Sure enough, there was pletny of snow still up there, although it was really warm, about 15 ºC. We stopped first beside the MAGIC telescope for a photo opportunity, and I couldn’t resist making a little snowman and having a little snowball fight with the translator from the ship. (I could hardly throw snowballs at the guests without express permission.)

Me at the top of the island.
Me at the top of the island.

When we got tothe very top, the view was amazing. Mt. Teide on Tenerife 147 km away was covered with snow (at left on the horizon), and the cloud waterfall was in full flow(on the right).

The view from the Roque
The view from the Roque

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