Book Day

Bookstalls in the Calle Real, Santa Cruz de La Palma
One of the bookstalls in the Calle Real, Santa Cruz de La Palma

It’s World Book Day, the anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth and Cervantes’s death. And as usual, La Palma is celebrating.

There will be kiosks selling books all along the Calle Real in Santa Cruz (the main street, parallel to the sea front). I’m happy to say that a couple of them have my own book.

The Cabildo (island government) will be leaving books scattered over the island for anyone to pick up and read, on condition that when they’ve finished, the reader has to leave them for someone else to find.

The storyteller Pepin will be in the Plaza de España. Santa Cruz de la Palma telling stories from around the world at 6 pm.

Also at 6 pm in the Plaza de Montserrat in Los Sauces, puppet theatre by Tal Cual Cual Troupe Tontón y FlisFlas “Para que sirve un libro”

José Arozena and Fráncisco López, Palmeran authors of the thriller “Cruz, la noche en que la Luna se escondió” will be signing books in the Calle real of Santa Cruz de La Palma at 6:30 pm.

And there will be two book presentations, both at 8 pm. In Palacio Salazar, Santa Cruz de La Palma, Joel Pérez and Carlos de León will present their graphic novel “Don Juan Tenorio, el burlador de Sevilla”. Meanwhile in the Casa de la Cultura in Los Llanos, Mariano Gambín will “La Casa Lercaro”.

I haven’t organised anything special for my own books, but you can still buy any (or all!) of them from the Dragon Tree website.

Pepin telling stories for World Book Day, Plaza España, Santa Cruz de La Palma
Pepin telling stories for World Book Day.

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