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The front cover for 'A Breathtaking Window on the Universe'
The front cover for ‘A Breathtaking Window on the Universe’

At long, long last, I’ve put two of my books up on Amazon, although so far they’re only visible on I’ve been meaning to do it for ages.

Even after I’d worked out which program to use (Amazon marketplace) it was quite slow. They wanted to know my name and address (fair enough) and my nationality, date of birth and passport number (no, I’m not the Tuvalu mafia money laundering here) and which bank account in Spain to pay into. and which bank account to use for sales in the UK, Germany and Italy, and the maiden name of my cat.

And then, of course, I had to upload details of each book: title, description, search strings, height, width, thickness, weight, number of pages, type of binding, pictures of the cover and any other pictures, what colour knickers I was wearing when I typed “The End”… It took quite a long time.

Which is why I’m leaving the Spanish language books until tomorrow.

And when it’s all done and visible, I’ll be begging for reviews. Please?

The front cover for 'The Seer's Stone'
The front cover for ‘The Seer’s Stone’

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Sheila came to La Palma with a six month contract and has stayed 24 years so far. She used to work as a software engineer at the observatory, but now she's a writer and Starlight guide.

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