Breña Baja: The Old Butcher’s Shop

The 19th century butcher's shop, Breña Baja, La PalmaThe 19th century butcher’s shop, Breña Baja, La Palma

The old butcher’s shop stands on the outskirts of the village of San Jose, in Breña Baja, near the Paradorof La Palma. The building dates from the late 19th century, and it was a butcher’s shop until the 1960s. But now it’s been renovated as a craft exhibition and shop.

The famous cigars of the Breñas San Jose de Breña Baja, La PalmaThe famous cigars of The Breñas

Although the place is small, they’ve packed a lot in. They’ve got lots of traditional embroidery and basketwork. They’ve also got the local cigars, which Winston Churchill enjoyed when he visited in 1959, and ceramics from a local artist.

Some of the fine embroidery and drawn-thread work on sale in San Jose de Breña Baja, La PalmaSome of the fine embroidery and drawn-thread work

And my personal favourite is the Canarian style rag rugs. Like most places, poorer people needed to make use of everything, and so they made rugs out of old clothes. Here, the cloth to be recycled was torn into narrow strips, which were then sewn together to make longer ones, and finally used as the weft thread on a loom (usually with a linen warp thread).

The shop opens on Tuesday — Saturday, 4pm — 8pm

A Canarian-style rag rug on sale in San Jose de Breña Baja, La PalmaA Canarian-style rag rug

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