Canary Day

The flag of the Canary Islands Autonomous Region of Spain
The flag of the Canary Islands Autonomous Region of Spain

Saturday is Canary Day. It’s a big thing here, and the celebrations have started already.
On Friday, most schools will have a party for the second half of the morning. They’ll serve traditional food (probably lots of gofio) and play traditional folk music. Some will have Canarian sports, like the Shepherd’s Leap. And the real celebration is still to come.

Most shops will be shut, except in tourist areas.

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  1. Merry Xmas. Let all your desires may occur true for yourself and your family and also lets hope your next year or so become successful for everyone us all. Merry Christmas

  2. There seem to be lots of traditional events in the Caneries which are still widely celebrated. Over here a lot of them have either died out or become no more than shopping opportunities.

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