Carnival Programme for the weekend

Saturday 12th March
Santa Cruz de la Palma
All day long, music will be performed in various parts of the town to entertain passersby. Workshops, bouncy castles and festivals for the little ones. Performance by DJ Hanfry Martinez and various DJs from the Academia Red Bull.
10:00-12:00h. children’s games in the plaza de la Alameda.
12:00 h. VI Festival Orillas del Son «Fiesta Cubana», with music from Cristina and Carmelina Barveris with samples of traditional Cuban food and drink, in the plaza de la Alameda.
17:00-22:00 h. Fancy dress dance with the Orquesta Ritmo, with a prize for the best costume and an adult piñata in the plaza de la Alameda.
22:00 h. public dance at the carnival stage, with the Orquestas “Salsaludando” and “Arena Caliente”.

Los Llanos

11.00 hrs. Serious percussion and carnival krewes at the Plaza de España and Aledaños

From 13.00 hrs. Public dance and kiosks at the carnival stage
Sunday 13th March
Santa Cruz de la Palma

18:00 h. Children’s Festival organised and presented by the group Saltarines Animación Infantil y Espectáculos, with a prize for the best child’s costume of Carnival 2011, at the carnival stage, with performances by children’s groups.

20:00 h. Big public dance with a performance by the well-known Arturo del Castillo, eat the carnival stage.

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