Corpus Christi and Canary Day

Corpus Christi archway in Mazo, La Palma, Canary Islands, decorated with leaves, petals and seeds for Corpus Christi,
Corpus Christi archway in Mazo decorated with leaves, petals and seeds for Corpus Christi

Today is Canary Day, a local holiday in all the Canary Islands. Expect to see folk musicians and dancers, and lots of traditional foods on the menu. Most of the shops will be closed. This year, it’s also Corpus Christi. (The Corpus Christi fiesta is ten weeks after Maundy Thursday, so the date moves about to follow Easter.) If you’re on the island, I strongly recommend a visit to Mazo to see the archways and carpets.

San José in Breña Baja will celebrate Corpus Christi on Sunday

But I must apologise for the weather. At this time of year the east side of the island should be getting heavy dews at most. I don’t where the heavy showers came from. I’ll be taking it up with our supplier, of course, but in the mean time, please take umbrellas just in case.

Palmeran folk group dancing outside El Paso's silk museum
The Cumbre Nueva folk group dancing outside El Paso’s silk museum

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