Folk Music for Canary Day

Poster for the Alfaguara concert, Los Cancajos, Breña Baja, La Palma island.
Poster for the Alfaguara concert, Los Cancajos, May 29th

Like everywhere else, the Canaries have their own folk music, and no, it’s not “The Birdie Song.”
The group Alfaguara will be performing folk music and dancing in traditional costumes on Saturday night, the 29th of May, in the car park in Cancajos.  (Presumably, this means the big one at the north end of the village, opposite the Centro Cancajos.)

And  Barlovento has a fiesta, also this weekend.  I haven’t seen this one, but I gather it’s a variation on the Holy Cross, which Santa Cruz and the Breñas held at the beginning of the month.  And on Friday night there’s a free concert at the Laguna, just outside the village, with Rosana, who’s rather famous in Spain.

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