Yay! My friends have arrived from England. They’ve been dreaming of living here for years, and now they’ve been made redundant, they’re finally taking the plunge. They’re staying with me for six weeks while they (hopefully) find a house suitable for conversion into a B&B, and buy it. Then they’re flying home to London in March, staying there for just three weeks while they finish things off, and finally driving down through France and Spain in a seriously overloaded van.

Six weeks. Am I nuts? Well no, they’re the sort of guests who pitch in and help with things like cooking and cleaning. And Helen actually quite likes ironing!

So what could go wrong? Lots of things. But we’ll have fun sorting them out as they come up.

Meanwhile I’m shattered. For months now, every time I haven’t known where to put something, I’ve shoved it into the guest room. So I spent the last few days clearing it all out again, making space for people with large suitcases.

I managed, though.

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Sheila came to La Palma with a six month contract and has stayed 24 years so far. She used to work as a software engineer at the observatory, but now she's a writer and Starlight guide.

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