Happy Birthday

I think I’ve been overdoing it again.

I finished the rush editing job for the Tourist Board on Saturday, and spent most of the afternoon on housework and pushing my son to do his homework. Sunday morning was more housework, and then I went off to Franceses to see Helen and Theresa. I was late, but I couldn’t resist stopping to get this photo of a bee on Echium webbii. I had a really nice time there, then came home, seeing Farida on the way. she’s going to have to go into hospital for an operation, so I promised I’d look after her daughter when that happens.

Monday was Helen’s birthday. Since they had yet more paperwork to do, they came over early, while it was still possible to park in Santa Cruz, and we tried to sort out internet access for them. No such luck. The “Garafía-wide” wireless network doesn’t cover their house. (To be fair, it’s very difficult terrain for a line-of-sight system). They can connect via a mobile hone at a not-too-exhorbitant price, but the shop is out of the special modems. Oh well.

Then it was on to the bank to investigate the non-appearance of their cheque book. Somehow it had never been ordered. Oh well, it’s on its way now.

We fetched Julio from school and had sandwiches for lunch in town. Most of the afternoon was spent getting Julio to do his homework, with a trip to Farida’s. They read their email at my house and found they needed to go to the bank in the morning to pay the Notary. Oh great, we’d just been there! Then in the evening we went out for a pizza and some wine. We came home early because we were all tired, but it was fun.

So it was back to the bank in the morning. Only we were a bit slow getting off, and had to park miles away. Good exercise, I suppose. Then on the way back we went past the bathroom showroom. They left at 11 and I didn’t get much else done before I had to fetch Julio. And the whole afternoon and evening (with short breaks) has been spent on getting him to do mounds of homework he was supposed to have done weeks ago. At least these days he confesses when there’s still a week to go, instead of the night before or not at all, like last year!

But I really don’t think I can keep up this pace much longer.

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