Home again

Well, we’re home again. But I feel I haven’t stopped since we got up at 4 am to go to Manchester airport.

We got home at 5pm on Thursday. Helen and Theresa, friends from Franceses had cleaned the place up, sorted out the laptop, and left some fresh food, bless them, so I didn’t have to dash out shopping. My husband went to fetch the cats, our son made a beeline for the Play Station, and I went upstairs for a siesta.

As soon as I walked through thedoor the fleas attacked. I’d realised that we had a flea or two, but I’d been too rushed to sort it out. Now a bunch more had hatched, and none of them had eaten for two weeks while the house was empty. They leapt on me and chewed.

I couldn’t sleep like that, and I was even less sleepy after I saw two fleas jumping on the bed sheets. So I changed the bedding and gave the place a good clean instead. By the time I finished, it was dinner time.

On Friday morning I had to get up early to go help Helen and Theresa with their van’s technical inspection – the Spanish equivalent of the MOT. It passed, thank goodness. They stayed for lunch and i started downloading some of the photos from our holidays. It was slow going, because there are around 1,800 altogether. Then we went to see my friend Farida, and I FINALLY got to pick up the camera flash I’d ordered about 7 weeks before. But by the time I got home I was too tired to try it out.

On Saturday morning I had to get up early again to go to work. My first job as a tour guide, showing people around the William Herschel Telescope! It was rather fun, although I was nervous showing the first group around. I thought the next group would be easier, until I found out that I had to do it in Spanish. And then it turned out that one groupof Germans thought they’d signed up for a tour in English and were terribly disappointed – so I had to do a bilingual tour. I was surprised how well it went, considering. At least they were pleased enough to want me to come back again and do another group on Thursday. And I got a few nice photos on the way down.

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Sheila came to La Palma with a six month contract and has stayed 24 years so far. She used to work as a software engineer at the observatory, but now she's a writer and Starlight guide.

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