More wild mushrooms

I went hunting wild mushrooms again with the same group as last week. I found out it’s a formal society, so I’ve joined (only 20 Euros). The fungi in the photos beside this paragraph aren’t edible, just photogenic, but we found plenty of others. There were the same sort as I took home last time – Russula turci – but when I took tiny nibbles they all burned my mouth, which meant they weren’t edible. I also found three large fungi which I hoped were Russula delica. There’s another, inedible muchroom that looks very similar, but the cut stem stayed white and they didn’t burn my tongue, so Russula delica they are. We also found a lot of Lyophylum ovisporum which i haven’t tried before. Unfortunately most of them were too old to eat, but I’ve got enough for past sauce for two. Oh, and I got a few little nacidas Rhizopogon obtextus, which look very like new potatoes poking out of the ground, plus two Niscalos – Lactarius sanguifluus – which look dreadful but everyone said, “Oh you lucky thing!”

Lyophylum ovisporum Russula delica

And this time I didn’t dash back to my family as soon as the fungi had been identified. I stayed and joined in the picnic. There was russula omlet and pizza, plus bread with local sausage and cheese, nuts, crisps, and tiramisu and chantarel liquer to finish. I’m already looking forward to next Sunday.

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