San Isidro Livestock Fair

Saint Isidore the Laborer

This weekend they’re holding the second biggest livestock fair on the island, at San Isidro, in Breña Alta. (The biggest is San Antonio del Monte, in June).

It starts off with a procession which brings the statue of the saint from the church to the fairground. Sorry, I missed that bit (I was having a lie in)

Cattle at the fair of St. Isidore, Breña Alta

People bring their animals, and there are prizes for the best milk cow, best bull, best goat, etc. Most of the animals are tied up in big field while they wait for the judging, and you can go around admiring them. (I hope someone brings them water later.) The priest blesses the animals, and they have a competition to see which bulls can drag a heavy stone the fastest. (I missed that, too. I was teaching.) Later on tonight they’ll be a dance.

Tomorrow they have bouncy castles for the kids, a cycle race, and a horse race. And at 8:30 pm, a procession takes the statue of the saint back to the church.

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