She’s home!

Her favourite bed

In this house, October 30th wasn’t Friday, it was Chai-day. I brought her back from the vet’s to general rejoicing.

She’s still not cured, of course. She immediately went to hide in a corner and refused to come out, as injured or sick cats will. (I think they’re hiding from the predators while they’re vulnerable.) The last 3 weeks have been traumatic for her so she might have a psychological problem too, and I’m sure she’s still in pain. So we left her there and at intervals I’d contort myself to get a hand in there to stroke her and make her purr.

The next day we had to take her out to change her blanket, and she promptly crawled onto my legs and started purring. All right then. I stayed on the floor until my behind was flat.

Eventually I had to move. After I’d run some errands I sat on the sofa and she sat on me for the rest of the day. We left her to sleep on the sofa with a ramp of cushions so she could get down. My husband put a broken clothes horse over the entrance to the room so that she couldn’t leave the room.

Well you know cats. They teleport. We came downstairs this morning, and she’d vanished. Twenty frantic minutes later my husband found her in a corner of the garage. Naturally we brought her back upstairs and she wolfed down breakfast. And then, to our astonishment, she walked – well, stumbled – right the way across the room to her corner.

It’ll take a while yet, but I think she’s going to be fine.

Oh yeah, writing.

I’ve written two very short (500 word) stories for a competition and done a lot of translating. I obviously can’t do the first draft of the next novel this mornth, but I’m going to track my productivity and see how many words I can write in November, whatever project they’re on (blog posts, letters, short stories etc.) I hope to fit in daily writing sprints and almost daily writing exercises. I can’t see myself having the time for 1,667 words a day (to get 50k in the month) but I’ll see how far I can get.

I have to say, I write much more slowly with a cat sitting on me, but I don’t mind.

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Sheila came to La Palma with a six month contract and has stayed 24 years so far. She used to work as a software engineer at the observatory, but now she's a writer and Starlight guide.

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