Sunday photos: Fuencaliente

Teneguia volcano, Fuencaliente, La Palma island
The red cone is Teneguia, which erupted in 1971

We’ve had a visitor this week, so we went to the southern tip of the island to see the Fuencaliente salt works.

Chai Latte enjoyed the suitcase so much that our visitor kindly left it open for her, and she spent so much time in it that we think that once our visitor leaves, we should let her have one of ours to sleep in.

I got one SF short story submitted to an anthology (for climate fiction) last week, and I’m working on another (for an exo-biology anthology) with a deadline on Friday. It’s keeping me busy and I’m having fun.

I have two new articles on

Can you really change sex?

Santa Cruz de La Palma: The Once and Future Queen of the Atlantic

The salt works at Fuencaliente, the southern tip of La Palma island
The salt works at Fuencaliente.

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