Sunday photos: pine woods

A spider’s web catching the sun

It’s been another busy week. I’ve finished the proof corrections to the guide book which is a huge relief. As I’ve probably mentioned quite a few times, I’ve been trying to finish the guide book update for at least three years. It will be fantastic when the corrections are done and checked, and I can send it to the printers.

Tiny fungi on a dead tree trunk

The whodunnit edit is now up to chaper 54 (of 102) so that’s good progress too. And I’ve happily made more notes on sleep disorders and a possibe character for the next one.

Pine and heather branches against the sky

These photos are all from the pine forest near El Pilar. Something weird happened when I uploaded the photos from the camera and I lost about 70 of them. It’s not as bad as that might sound because I’ve still got over a hundred, but it’s worrying. I thought I had some nice ones of ravens, but ravens are not hard to find and phootgraph here. Mostly, I’m just worried that it’ll happen again and I’ll lose something more important.

A drop of fresh pine resin catching the light.


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