The Sardine’s funeral in Los Sauces, 2015

Me and my husband in front of the sardine
Perhaps the most extravagant costume of the night

Last night was the famous sardine’s funeral in Los Sauces. As usual, there were lots of amazing costumes: some ingenious, some cheap and cheerful, some extravagant, many humourous.

Probably the most ingenious costume of the night


Frying sardines
It’s traditional to serve fried sardines, and very tasty they are too.
Eating sardines








One group brought along this amazing fairy tale coach. They were inviting children to have their photo taken in it. Being a big kid, I asked to have a go too.

The fairy tale coach


Since I had a job at the Roque next morning, I left early. My husband stayed on, planning to catch one of the special buses at about 5:30 am. In the end, he came home while I was getting ready for work.

A man dressed as a belly dancer
My husband, after a hard night’s partying.

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