Merry Christmas

December 24, 2023

A very Merry Christmas to both my readers. Two years ago, Christmas felt like whistling in the dark. The tumour in my thigh was so painful that I spent most of my time lying on the couch. Radiotherapy left me so nauseous that initially, I was eating about as much as the cat. I couldn’t organise or prepare much of anything. You know the Beatles song, “I get by with…


What the Kings brought me

January 9, 2017

On Jan 6th the kings ride in on their camels and bring presents to baby Jesus and good Spanish children. Bad children get coal. I must have been very good; look at the boat they brought me! (Actually it’s the cruise ship, Ventura. I was the guide for an excursion). I tweeted about it, and my favourite comment came from my friend Nikki, “Those poor camels carrying that!” I also…


An unusual Nativity

The nativity scene in Las Nieves church on Christmas Eve with a kitten in place of baby Jesus
December 27, 2016

Most churches on La Palma have nativity scenes. The custom here is to put baby Jesus in at midnight on Christmas Eve, during midnight mass. (I think this is a general Catholic custom). On Christmas Eve I was guiding an excursion from a cruise ship which included the lovely church at Las Nieves. And there was a kitten keeping the spot warm for Jesus. If I remember rightly, nativity scenes…


Stop. Breathe.

Time to chill. My lovely husband got me a a sport video camera. This is wonderful timing since my compact camera just died. Hopefully my blogs will feature more videos now. My lovely friends Helen and Theresa gave me a new laptop – well two years old, but new to me and very. very much better than poor old Tiddles who is (I think) about 10 years old. This one…

December 26, 2015

Happy Christmas

December 24, 2015

  Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate). I hope you have a wonderful time with whoever you most want to be with. My son made this Christmas version of the Dragon Tree Publishing logo. (The original version is by Helen Bennett of Eco-Geek.) In Spain, coal and charcoal are both called carbon. I keep saying that I want carbon for Christmas in the form of diamonds, but Santa hasn’t obliged yet….