Our son was getting obsessed by video games, so over the Christmas break we insisted that he was only allowed limited time on the computer. He promptly started drawing – of characters and scenes from his favourite games. But the first few were good, and they’re getting better and better. This is Hyper-Sonic and friends with the Chaos Emeralds. (Apparently in the game they’re called emeralds whatever colour they are.)

January 11, 2009


The rest of the working week passed in a blur. I finished checking the books on the shelves against the inventory and started on the huge pile of books to add to the database and then shelve. I’ve done 152 so far and there’s maybe 3,000 to go. It didn’t help that I’ve got a heavy cold, which I think is the one my son had last week. But last…

December 20, 2008


June 20, 2008

Well, we haven’t got a primary school kid in the house any more. Our son has graduated. At the end of the school year here, each school has a concert, with the acts mostly being playbacks, performed by the kids. I knew my son had been practising playing the air guitar for his number. But I was a bit taken aback when he came home and announced, “I need to…


Yesterday my son had a great time playing with his new PS game until lunchtime. Then, all by himself, he announced, “I ought to study for an exam.” So we started looking for his school bag. And we looked, and we searched, and we searched and searched, and searched. And after about nine hours, we admitted to ourselves that we couldn’t find it anywhere. We were all worried sick. Not…

June 12, 2008

He’s Back!

Our son is home, safe and sound. And the only thing he lost in 12 days and 4 moves was one cap. More specifically, he didn’t lose the camera or his ID card. In the meantime, we got two coats of varnish on the banisters. They were slower going than I expected, because they’re all finicky little corners, but they’re looking good. I did a couple of critiques for the…

June 11, 2008

Baptising the Bodega

June 1, 2008

My brother-in-law’s new bodega is finally ready. Since it was another brother-in-law’s birthday, and the day after Canary Day, it was a great time to baptise the place. We stuffed ourselves with salted fish and sweet potatoes. I learned how to make kneaded gofio, which I still think is pretty uninspiring food. Then there were two cakes and some biscuits. And of course plenty of beer and wine. And then…