American Express gift cards : Guest Post by Hank Quense

Want an American Express gift card?  My friend Hank Quense is giving two away, and you won’t need an Amex account to use them. This guest post tells you all about it. Hank Quense Strange Worlds OnlineMy Amazon pageMy blog siteSelf-publishing Guides I’ve written a series of four books to demystify the self-publishing and book marketing processes.  I’ve spent a year on these Self-publishing Guides and now it’s time to…

January 24, 2014

Chain Blog Post

 Patsy Collins talked me into joining the Writing Process Blog Tour. She’s a novelist and short story writer. Her short story collection is currently available to download FREE from Amazon HERE I’m supposed to answer four questions, so here goes. What am I working on? I’m putting the finishing touches to an anthology of short stories for children. Technically, it’s what Ursula Le Guin called a story suite. Rather than a bunch…

December 23, 2013