Sunday photos: travelling home

October 13, 2019

On my last full day I went to an abandoned village – sorry, I’ve forgotten the name. People moved away to be nearer the road where there was electricity and mains water. it was all very atmospheric, but what really caught my eye were the wild cyclamens and the old bridge. As expected, I was sad to leave on Friday morning. The trip started off well enough – 8 am…



October 9, 2019

The third draft of my novel is going well. The Crooked House is a great place to write. I tried various spots: the little dining table, the bedroom and the terrace. Now I’ve settled on a writing desk in the lounge with the office chair. It’s comfy and well lit and near the kettle. Behind me, out of the photo, there’s a TV with DVDs etc., but I haven’t watched…



Cesar Manrique's last house at Haria, Lanzarote
August 30, 2017

I’m on holiday in Orzola, in the north of Lanzarote. I spent the first day and a half just chilling, writing and critiquing for friends, but this morning I got up early to explore. I drove up to Mirador del Rio in time for the sunrise, but the viewpoint itself was closed due to a strike. At the time I didn’t realise what I was missing. I did get a…


The Gatwick Bloc Hotel

I booked over the internet, and I had doubts about sleeping in a room without a window. But it was affordable and right in the airport and I didn’t have a lot of time for hunting around. It was only for one night so… Actually, I love it, and so does my son. The décor’s very modern, but it isn’t bland or irritating. The room’s rather small, but the bed…

August 23, 2014

La Palma has a new airport terminal

The opening of the new airport at La Palma, SPC
July 7, 2011

La Palma’s new airport terminal finally opened today, and so far it’s gone really well. All flights were on time, and the passenger flow was absolutely normal. The old terminal officially closed last night, although a few businesses are still moving out. The airport code is still SPC. Just make sure you don’t wind up in Palma de Majorca, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or Santa Cruz de Tenerife by…



The journey wasn’t too bad. The flight to Tenerife was delayed half an hour, which was enough to make me nervous about the connection. But as it happened, the very moment we got to the baggage reclaim belt, our suitcases landed in front of us, so we checked in and got to the gate with 10 minutes to spare. And then the flight was about 90 minutes late. Ah well,…

July 6, 2007