Sunday photos from La Hoya del Rehielo

My group on the heliport nearest the gamma-ray telescopes.

So I finally took a group around the Roque on Friday, my first group for a year. It was a bit complicated because nobody can take groups inside telescopes due to COVID, so I had to get creative. I met them at the heliports and showed them the gamma-ray telescopes, then we went up to the Roque and hiked to the Isaac Newton, stopping at the old goat-herders cabins and the Swedish Solar tower, where one of the astronomers came out for a brief talk. A very brief talk as it turned out, because it was 8 ºC, with a stiff breeze and fog, but my clients enjoyed it. Happy customers, happy guide. And I’m so pleased to have done some tour guiding work again at last!


I had a lovely morning’s photography at La Hoya del Rehielo with a friend. And last night I went back to Rivendell for another pizza party. This time I had a go rolling out the dough and putting the toppings on with moderate success. I’m getting better. I think I need to buy a pizza stone and practise at home.

I need to do more writing next week, but iyt’s been a good week.

A bee on a codeso flower

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