3rd Astrotourism Seminar

Talks on astrotourism
Talks on astrotourism

La Palma now has 25 businesses that specialise in astrotourism to some degree. (It’s not surprising: all you have to do is look up on a cloudless night to see why) These businesses got together between November 24th and 30th to swap ideas on how to help each other give tourists a good time.





Advance tasting of "Star Quality" Malvasia wine
Advance tasting of “Star Quality” Malvasia wine

There were talks and excursions to restaurants that offer stargazing with a special menu, a chance to try the delicious new “star quality” malvasia wine in advance (available by Christmas, and over the internet with a much prettier bottle than the one shown here.)




And since they’re all interested in astronomy, they grabbed the opportunity for some stargazing through a small telescope. On Friday night they had nocturnal observations (obviously!) and on Saturday afternoon they observed the sun.

Observing the sun at the Roque de Los Muchachos observatory
Observing the sun at the Roque de Los Muchachos observatory

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