A spiral in La Palma’s woods

A spiral of stones on the pine forest floor, Pico de la Nieve, La Palma island
A stone spiral in the forest

La Palma’s pine forests are lovely, and at this time of the year, the upper reaches are often above the clouds, even when it’s raining below. If you follow the LP3 footpath up from the turn off for Pico de la Nieve, you quickly reach this stone spiral in the woods. The whole thing is about 10 m across, and I loved it.

I think it’s pretty recent, similar to the little stone piles that have been springing up around the island. Someone told me that this is a Shinto tradition – to make small stone piles where-ever you think nature is so lovely that the sacred touches on the every day.

Many small piles of pebbles on top of a boulder, Cumbrecita, La Palma
Shinto stone piles near the Cumbrecita

I’ve seen several such piles on the island, but one of the biggest is along the footpath from the end of the Cumbrecita car park

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