Sunday photos: Frogs

June 24, 2019

Last week I found that the pond in a little park in Santa Cruz had quite a lot of frogs in it. Today I finally got back there with my good camera. I’ve admired the Palmeran frog’s golden eyes for years, but today I was irresistibly reminded of grumpy old men.   Somehow I can easily imagine this let yelling at me to “Get off my pond!” What do you…


Sunday photos: a moth and a couple of flies

June 2, 2019

The late spring flowers are in full bloom at the observatory, and lots of insects are enjoying the all-you-can-eat buffet. This isn’t a bee because it’s only got one set of wings. it’s some sort of fly. This is some sort of moth, but as you can see I photographed it in broad daylight. I’m getting better at sharp close-ups. And finally a little fly who obligingly posed for me…


Sunday photos

April 24, 2019

I’ve had a very busy few days. I’ve now finished my course and renewed my starlight guide qualification. I’ve been the guide for 3 cruise ship excursions and three film crews. Well, one lot was scouting for locations to use in an upcoming film, and for the first time I saw the ventilation tunnels under GTC. They’re wonderfully atmospheric, and I think I might write a murder down there one…


Squee Sunday: Baby Elephants

February 19, 2018

On Sunday I had flu, so the Sunday cute is late. I once dreamed that I had a baby elephant as a pet. He was terminally cute, but of course an elephant is a lot of work. So by the time I’d dragged in a mountain of food and cleared away a mountain of manure I was exhausted. I collapsed onto the sofa with a well-earned cup of tea. The baby…