God Save The Queen

'Freddie' and 'Brian' jamming, God Save The Queen concert in Tazacorte
‘Freddie’ and ‘Brian’ jamming

Yay, I got out of the rut a little. We went to see the Queen tribute band, “God Save the Queen” in Tazacorte. We had to think twice about it, because it made for a late night followed by an early start next morning, but we really enjoyed their concert in Santa Cruz last year and we don’t get out of the rut often.

After some thought, I asked to swap out my job at the Roque on Friday. It turned out to be a very good thing that I did, because I was starting a cold at the concert, and after too little sleep I woke to a stinker of a cold. I drove my son into school, had a rest, and took the car for its annual inspection (all good), then collapsed into bed for the rest of the morning. It was still worth it.

I’m not getting much writing done today, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

God Save the Queen
God Save the Queen

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