Puntagorda Market

oster for Astronomical activities in Puntagorda Market
Astronomical activities in Puntagorda Market

This weekend, Puntagorda market has a special attraction. Astrotour will be offering free astronomical observations of the sun, together with workshops and games for children. And on Sunday morning, there’s a workshop on solar energy. There will also be nighttime astronomical observations on the Avenida Almendos near Cafe Itaca.

Puntagorda is a village and municipality in the north west of the island. Every Saturday and Sunday, they have a farmers’ market and craft fair in the Mercadillo, which is at the north of the village, near the Fayal picnic area.

Like most farmers’ markets, the vegetables are fresher and cheaper than most supermarkets. There are also stalls selling organic wholemeal bread, sugar cane juice (with or without rum) cakes and meat. One stall just sold papayas.

The craft section had silver jewelry, hand-made furniture, leatherwork, and artwork prints.

Opening hours are Saturdays, 3 pm to 7 pm and 11 am to 3 pm.
The English version of the website is at http://mercadillo.puntagorda-lapalma.com/en.html?p=&lang=EN

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