Sunday photos: Puntagorda

January 24, 2021

I had a double dose of walks this week, one to the old church at Puntagorda and one around La Salemera. I’m not getting noticeably fitter, but I had fun and took lots of photos. I’m reading through “Murder by Starlight” aloud. The friend who recommended this is quite right; you catch a lot of little things that you missed all the other times through. The trouble is, it’s very…


Flags Galore

Garafía's flag
June 11, 2014

  You see a lot of flags on La Palma. Most English visitors will recognise the flags of Spain and the European Union. But the Canary Islands are an autonomous region within Spain, and they have their own flag too. You see it a lot, especially around May 30th, which is Canary Day. And then each island has its own flag. Here’s the flag of La Palma: And as if…


The Devil on the Beach

This is the first page of “The Devil on the Beach”, one of the stories in my anthology, “The Seer’s Stone”. Click on the link for a larger version. You can get more information about the book (and how to buy it) here.

June 6, 2014

Carnival programmes 2014

Santa Cruz de La Palma‘s programme is here. (The actual programme starts on page 7) Los Llanos‘s programme is here The programme for Los Sauces is here I’ve just found out that some places (El Paso, Garafía, Tijarafe, Fuencaliente and Puntallana) held their carnival early, presumably so as not to compete with the bigger places. Barlovento‘s is here. Breña Alta had their parade yesterday Breña Baja will have parrandas in…

February 28, 2014

Almond Blossom Fiesta

Sunday February 2 : From 12:00 A partir de las 12:00h  in the Mercadillo del Agricultor de Puntagorda, Almond shelling competition Friday February 7th: A 6pm in the Pabellón Municipal Fagundo, Exhibition of Rythmic Gimnastics At 8 pm In the Salón de actos de la Casa de la Cultura: wine competition and the presentation of prizes to the winners. At 10 pm in the Comunidad 4 Caminos: party con la Agrupación “Falta Uno” A…

February 5, 2014

Almond blossom

The north-west of the island is home to great many almond trees, and at this time of the year, they’re all blossoming. The trees in El Paso and Garafía are beautiful, but the best display of all is at Puntagorda. In fact Puntagorda hosts an annual almond blossom fiesta. The date varies — the Town Hall sets it a couple of weeks in advance, to (hopefully) coincide with the best…

January 22, 2014