Sunday photo: Chai snoozing

Chai snoozing peacefully

In case you’re puzzled, she’s got her frontlegs crossed. the pink fur and ribbon thing is her favourite toy, which she carries around the house with her, like a toddler with a teddy bear.

Yes, I know I’m posting a lot of photos of Chai. She’s extemely photogenic.

In other news, work continues slowly but surely on the book. I’ll get there! But carnival is coming and I’ll probably take a little time off to have fun.

Posted by sheila

Sheila came to La Palma with a six month contract and has stayed 24 years so far. She used to work as a software engineer at the observatory, but now she's a writer and Starlight guide.

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  1. Hi Sheila
    She looks very relaxed šŸ™‚
    We are a group of software engineers who will visit La Palma very soon.
    We are looking for an experienced tour guide, but my emails are not coming through.
    Can you please get in touch with me?
    Thank you very much

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